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Over the past few years, tutoring has grown to become an established part of the educational landscape.

It is a profession that employs hundreds of thousands of people as tutors, and one that touches and transforms the lives of millions of children and adults as students. As an association, we believe that with this level of influence comes responsibility. Membership of The Tutors' Association is a is a sign that a tutor takes that responsibility seriously.

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By becoming a member or The Tutors' Association you can tap into the professional resources that can help you advance your professional goals, including education, For Private Tutors, networking, leadership opportunities and speaking opportunities

Why Join?

Individuals and Parents
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It is estimated there are more than a quarter of a million tutors in the UK. How can you be sure that you are making the best choice for your child?

We do not run a service that finds tutors for individuals however we can give you advice to help you make the best decision

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Individual tutors, including both Freelancers and those who work for companies

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Tutoring Companies, Study Centres, and Agencies in the UK or abroad

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Organisations providing support services to the tutoring industry

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